For Parents

P1050716Families are EPATT's biggest resource!

You bring motivation, intellectual curiosity and parental involvement and in exchange we provide your children with one-on-one academic tutoring, tennis instruction, life skills and health education and support you through advocacy and parent workshops!


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The EPATT program is free, but a STRONG commitment from parents/guardians is required to participate. The admission process is simple, but we regret that there is a long waiting list. If you would like to apply for your child, please do the following:

Step One: Fill out an application on our website. Click here.

Step Two: Email, fax, mail, or bring a copy of your child’s most recent STAR test AND most recent report card to the EPATT office (the EPATT mailing address is at the bottom of the page)

Step Three: If you do not hear back from us regarding your application within 3 months, you can call and check on its status at 650-725-4450 or email admissions at

El proceso de admisión es simple, pero hay una larga lista de espera.  Si le gustaría aplicar para su hijo/a, por favor haga lo siguiente:
1.     Llene la aplicación en nuestro sitio de Web:
2.     Mande una copia de los resultados del examen STAR y las calificaciones por coreo, por coreo electrónico, por fax, o venga personalmente a la oficina de EPATT. (La dirección esta debajo de nuestro sitio de Web)
3.     Si no escucha de nosotros dentro de 3 meses, puede llamar y verificar el status de su aplicación al 650-725-4450 o mándenos un coreo electrónico a



K-5th Parents: Please bring snack by 3:00pm on your assigned day. We ask that you bring healthy snacks for 35 children. When deciding on what to bring, remember that the students have not eaten since lunch and will not eat again until they get home after 7pm. So bring something filling!

MSG/HSG Parents: Please bring dinner by 5:30 pm on your assigned day. We ask that you bring healthy dishes for 30 children in MSG and 20 children in HSG. Main dishes should include both a meat item and a carbohydrate. Dinners must be ready to serve. Please don't bring anything that needs to be sliced or prepared (such as an uncut rotisserie chicken or watermelon).